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In 2010, we launched our women’s initiative, GROW, in an effort to attract, retain, educate and support the women of the firm.

GROW's Mission: To provide women of our firm equal opportunities through empowerment and education.

GROW focuses on 4 key programs:

  • Mentoring: After applying for this opportunity, select women and men in the firm are paired with male and female senior leaders of the organization to partake in a formal, months-long mentorship program.
  • “Inspire” Peer Mentoring: Groups of approximately 8-10 women from different departments within the company come together on a monthly basis to participate in peer mentoring. The small and confidential setting encourages knowledge sharing and presents the opportunity for associates to discuss challenges and a variety of topics, both personal and professional.
  • Personal & Professional Growth: We strongly believe in fostering the personal and professional development of our colleagues. That’s why we provide education seminars focused on important topics like health, work-life balance, career development and many others. And to support their personal health and well-being, we encourage associates to take part in organized fitness, such as onsite yoga or offsite spin classes.
  • Connect: An key component of the overall GROW program, Connect events inspire associates to make connections, both personally and professionally, within the community or within the workplace. Connect focuses on exciting social functions, community involvement opportunities as well as the Annual Keynote Speaker Event.

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