Why Insurance?

Recent grads and college students don’t typically think insurance when considering careers. But they should. The insurance industry is one of the largest financial service industries in the world—employing over 3 million people worldwide and contributing over $1 trillion dollars to the US economy annually.

As the backbone of capitalism, insurance allows entrepreneurs to take risks start companies, hire employees, and contribute to our economy in a ways not many other sectors can. With new risks emerging and legislation around health care developing, the industry continues to grow and new opportunities are evolving.

All of this makes insurance a challenging, fulfilling, and lucrative option.

Check out our internship and career opportunities that we offer candidates new to the insurance industry:

Hering Paul07

“As a company we take pride in setting the bar high when it comes to serving our clients, colleagues and community. We aim for the highest standards and to achieve them we rely on bright, savvy and driven people to round out our team.”

- Paul Hering
Chairman, MMA West Region

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